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Trucking Tips to Save Money During an IFTA Fuel Tax Filing Season

As I’m driving home late one night, I realize my home city is forcing me to waste gas.  I’m driving towards Brookside in Kansas City, its 1:30am on a Tuesday morning, there are no cars on the street.  Through a 2 mile stretch of road, there are 7 stop lights.  After cruising through 2 green lights, I have to stop at the next 4 red lights.  There was no cross traffic.  No other car ‘tripped’ a sensor.  I happened to have poor timing.

I wait for the green lights and wave goodbye to 5 minutes of wasted time and wasted gas.  We hear so many people offering ways for me as an individual to save fuel, but why don’t we hear any talk about local governments doing something to help.  Thanks to Google, my first search returns these articles and

1 article estimates updated traffic lights would save 19.3 billion gallons a year.  You can’t count on the government to fix this immediately, so what can you do now?

We here at IFTA Plus are looking at ways to help you save money. Check out our new Refer-a-Friend program allowing any company to get free IFTA fuel tax preparation through IFTA Plus’s online software tools.  For each paying customer you refer, you are credited $25, the cost of preparing a state return.  Its not much, but every bit counts these days.

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