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IFTA Fuel Tax Return Help

There are only 3 days left before your 4th quarter 2008 IFTA  fuel tax return is due to your state.   If you file late, you will be responsible for at least $50 in fines.  

If you are like thousands of companies and need some additional help preparing your return, give our IFTA Plus representatives a call at 913.538.6375.  We can help answer your questions and get your return prepared quickly.  Go to to sign up and get started.

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Q4 2008 IFTA Fuel Tax Preparation

As of this morning, January 1 2009, we are officially ready to prepare your fourth quarter 2008 IFTA fuel tax return. 

If you already have an account with IFTA Plus, sign in and start entering your miles and fuel.  If not, our registration process takes only a minute and we walk you through each step in the filing process.  You don’t have to pay for anything until you are ready to print out your state IFTAfuel tax return.

To complete your return, you will need to have all your miles per state and fuel purchases per state between October 1 and December 31 already gathered.  If you need help with older returns, we can file any quarter since Q1 2007. 

As always, feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.  See you soon!

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IFTA Plus Satisfaction Survey Results – Q3 2008

We recently sent out a survey to all of our loyal customers who filed with us last quarter and we were shocked with the results.  We knew that you liked us, but we didn’t know how much.
Here is a brief summary of the results:
Question: How would you rate your overall satisfaction with IFTA Plus?
1 – Not Satisfied       0%      
2                                0%      
3                                0%      
5 – Very Satisfied     78%
Question: Do you think $25 to prepare your state return is a fair price?
Yes                           94%
No                             6%
Question: Do you plan to use IFTA Plus for your next filing?
Yes                           88%
No                             0%
Not Sure                   12%
Over 60% of our customers have used other means of preparing their fuel taxes before finding IFTA Plus.
What does all this mean?
100% of all responding customers are highly satisfied, or better with their overall IFTA Plus experience.  
95% of people agree that our price is very affordable.
0% of our customers have responded saying they don’t plan on using IFTA Plus next quarter.
Do you have an experience you want to share about using IFTA Plus?

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Q3 2008 IFTA Filing Season Complete

Hopefully everyone finished filing their third quarter 2008 IFTA fuel tax return.  This quarter, like many others, saw a lot of milestones for us at IFTA Plus.

This quarter:

  • Saw our fifth consecutive 40+% increase in the number of overall returns generated.
  • Had over 75% of our filers from last quarter return this quarter.
  • Experienced numerous calls from satisfied customers praising the ease of use and the speed of preparation.

We talked with over 60 companies who called to say thanks, or to ask for help.  From these conversations, we understand the pains the trucking industry is experiencing right now.  Many companies can’t make enough money to support their business.  We hear you and we are working hard to make sure your next quarter fuel tax filing will be easier, faster and cheaper than ever.  If you have any suggestions, let us know by leaving a comment.  We are always looking forward to customer suggestions.

Thank you all for your new and continued business.  Drive safe and we’ll see you next quarter.

Stuart Ludlow – IFTA Plus

P.S.  If you have not yet filed your 3rd quarter return, it’s never too late.  You can always prepare a late filing through IFTA Plus.

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