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3rd Quarter 2010 wrapup

Hopefully everyone reading this has already prepared their IFTA return and mailed them to your state without penalties.  If you haven’t, you can use IFTA Plus to prepare your return and calculate your late fees and interest.

This quarter saw some significant milestones for IFTA Plus:

More new company signups than any other quarter.
This quarter saw a 24% increase in new companies over last quarter.

Prepared 34% more returns this quarter versus last quarter.
This huge increase in number of returns prepared is not only because of an increased number of new companies, but also because an increased number of returning companies who used IFTA Plus last quarter and came back again this quarter.

IFTA Plus was available 100% of the time.
The past few quarters saw some downtime as the servers are very overloaded the last few days of the month.  Because of continued server improvements and an optimized codebase, the site didn’t experience any down time for the first quarter ever.

I want to personally thank everyone who prepared their IFTA fuel tax returns with IFTA Plus. I also want to thank those customers who called to ask questions, tell us about updated state forms (Georgia), point out a minor Oregon issue, ask about IFTA Connect, and to tell us how easy we made their life.

See you all again January 2011 and as always, drive safely


Stu Ludlow

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