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IFTA Plus Q3 New Features

IFTA Plus has been the default choice for hundreds of companies to prepare their IFTA fuel tax.  We offer an easy to use and secure online tool to add your miles and gallons.  Once entered, we perform all the calculations and prepare your actual state fuel tax return.

For the upcoming tax quarter, starting October 1 2008, there are several new features we are very excited about.  First of all, we are proud to now offer the New Mexico weight distance forms to our growing library of available returns.

Second, as suggested by our loyal customers, we have greatly changed the checkout process allowing more visibility and validation of your company information.  We hope you like the changes.

Third, we have opened up a new and free Hours of Service (HOS) timesheet calculator as well as a Driver Qualification File (DQ) manager.  Feel free to use these absolutely free of charge, no questions asked.

Lastly, we have improved our refer-a-friend program, which allows you to earn $25 credits for each and every person you get to register and prepare their IFTA return with us.

If you have any questions about IFTA Plus or the new features, please leave a comment.

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IFTA Plus Outages

Over the past few business days, we have had a few system outages here at IFTA Plus.  We have had an issue with our domain names and another with our internet service provider.  We are taking steps to ensure this does not occur in the future.

Rest assured, all of our servers are 100% operational and none of your information has been lost. 

If you have experienced any problems or continue to experience any issues, please let us know immediately at 913.538.6375

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Guaranteed IFTA Accuracy

IFTA Plus has prepared thousands of IFTA fuel tax returns, spanning every US Jurisdiction, and is proud to announce our Error-Free Guarantee.  If you or your state jurisdiction find any errors on your prepared state IFTA return, we will fix the error at our cost.  Why risk penalties due to incorrect hand calculations and unsupported software?  In addition to our industry best price of $25 and having been named best small to mid-size online fuel tax software, you now have guaranteed piece of mind.

Fast, easy, cheap and guaranteed.  Visit to sign up and learn more.

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Searching for qualified associations and strategic partners

IFTA Plus offers outstanding service and industry leading prices for owner-operators and small to midsize transportation companies.  However, did you know IFTA Plus also offers an outstanding product offering to other qualified associations?  IFTA Plus can offer your company an industry leading online IFTA preparation tool:
  • Branded as your company
  • Discounted prices for your customers
  • Generating a revenue stream to your company
We are currently looking for additional
  • Accountants working with trucking companies
  • Transportation consulting companies serving multiple clients
  • Transportation organizations or associations looking for additional member benefits
Earn money, expand your services, better your reputation.  Give us a call at 913.538.6375 to discuss further.

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IFTA Plus now supports all US IFTA Jurisdictions

IFTA Plus, the online leader in fuel tax preparations now supports all US Jurisdictions.  What does this mean?  It means that no matter your state jurisdiction, IFTA Plus can now prepare your fuel tax return with your official state form.  You no longer have to wait for your documents, search for the correct forms, manually and incorrectly complete, or use any state forms mailed to you.  Feel like filing your fuel taxes even though you can’t remember where you placed your original forms? Unsure if you need to complete and where to find the New York highway use tax, or Kentucky weight distance forms?  Don’t worry any longer.  We have every form in our system and walk you through the exactly what you need to do.
No other fuel tax software can prepare all US jurisdiction fuel tax returns.  This is just one more innovation IFTA Plus brings to you and your company.
–Update 12/31/08-  IFTA Plus no longer supports Minnesota or Idaho because of State laws.

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