How do I file a late IFTA fuel tax return?

August 28, 2008 at 2:42 pm Leave a comment

Every qualified company with an IFTA sticker must file quarterly fuel tax returns.  What happens when your company forgets to file a quarter, or has not filed for a long time?  You need to file l late IFTA return.  First of all, you will probably be contacted by your State jurisdiction.  If you haven’t, you will.  It is better to go ahead and file late returns than wait for your State to come find you.  Often you will have additional fees if they have to come track you down.

To begin, you need to gather all your fuel purchases for each quarter.  A quarter is Jan 1-Mar 31, April 1-June 30, July 1-Sept 30, or Oct 1-Dec 31.  You may need to sort through fuel receipts, or possible old credit card receipts or fuel cards to get all your gallons purchased.

Then, you will need a state-by-state break down of miles driven.  There is no law that mandates you have miles per truck per state, just total company miles per state.  Look through fuel trip reports, dispatching systems, or any other means you use to keep track of your miles.

Finally, you will need to use your fuel and gallon information to calculate your fuel taxes and your late penalties.  Using IFTA Plus can eliminate any guesswork in your late filings.  IFTA Plus suports every quarter since December 2006 for every state jurisdiction.  This means you can sign up, enter your fuel and gallons for all of 2007 and 2008, immediately print off your official State jurisdiction ifta report, sign the report and send in a check if a balance is owed.  Easy.  Next time you realize you forgot to file your quarterly fuel tax return, don’t worry.  Let IFTA Plus take care of you.

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