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How do I file a late IFTA fuel tax return?

Every qualified company with an IFTA sticker must file quarterly fuel tax returns.  What happens when your company forgets to file a quarter, or has not filed for a long time?  You need to file l late IFTA return.  First of all, you will probably be contacted by your State jurisdiction.  If you haven’t, you will.  It is better to go ahead and file late returns than wait for your State to come find you.  Often you will have additional fees if they have to come track you down.

To begin, you need to gather all your fuel purchases for each quarter.  A quarter is Jan 1-Mar 31, April 1-June 30, July 1-Sept 30, or Oct 1-Dec 31.  You may need to sort through fuel receipts, or possible old credit card receipts or fuel cards to get all your gallons purchased.

Then, you will need a state-by-state break down of miles driven.  There is no law that mandates you have miles per truck per state, just total company miles per state.  Look through fuel trip reports, dispatching systems, or any other means you use to keep track of your miles.

Finally, you will need to use your fuel and gallon information to calculate your fuel taxes and your late penalties.  Using IFTA Plus can eliminate any guesswork in your late filings.  IFTA Plus suports every quarter since December 2006 for every state jurisdiction.  This means you can sign up, enter your fuel and gallons for all of 2007 and 2008, immediately print off your official State jurisdiction ifta report, sign the report and send in a check if a balance is owed.  Easy.  Next time you realize you forgot to file your quarterly fuel tax return, don’t worry.  Let IFTA Plus take care of you.

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Benefits of Web-based Software Over Traditional Desktop Software

There are a small number of fuel tax software programs on the market today and an even smaller number of web-based programs.  We receive numerous calls with questions about web based software, including:

  • ‘Is your internet software safe?’
  • ‘Can hackers steal my credit card information?’
  • ‘Is my data secure?’

First of all, web-based software has numerous advantages over traditional software installed on a computer including:
1.  Data is stored on remote servers instead of your computer.  If your computer is lost, stolen, or breaks, your data is safe.
2.  Transferred information is encrypted by the highest level possible, preventing other users from stealing your information.


  1. Available wherever you have access to a computer and the Internet.  Can work from home, office, hotel, coffee shop, or anywhere else you can access the internet.
  2. Doesn’t require multiple user licenses per machine.
  3. Runs from a browser, so tends to work from all operating systems, including Vista.


  1. Doesn’t require version upgrades for additional functionality or bug fixes.
  2. If you get a new computer, you don’t need to re-install any software.

In addition, when we accept your credit card information, your credit card number is never stored anywhere on our servers.  If we don’t store your number, it is impossible for hackers to steal the number.

We continually update our application.  We update the quarterly fuel rates, add new functionality, and offer free services so the next time you log in, you immediately get access to the new features.  Desktop software can’t offer that.  What do you think?  Do you commonly use web-based software like IFTA Plus, or are you still stuck in the 90’s using desktop software?

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Free Transportation Software

IFTA Plus is proud to release its suite of transportation compliance tools – absolutely FREE!

AgilCor began 5 years ago as a transportation software company using Microsoft Excel to create an Hours of Service tool.  That product was ported to the web 4 years ago and re-branded as Compliance Plus.  Since then, we have developed tools to manage Driver Qualification Files, Fleet Maintenance, and IFTA Fuel and Mileage records.  Compliance Plus was designed for medium sized companies and transportation consulting companies, or anyone who managed several small companies.

One year ago we leveraged our Compliance Plus experience and infrastructure to create IFTA Plus, designed for small companies to manage their Fuel and Mileage records and to prepare their official state IFTA fuel tax return.

Today, we are proud to announce the combination of these two products.  Any company under 25 drivers can leverage the industry leading tools of Compliance Plus, now solely branded as IFTA Plus, absolutely free.

That’s right.  We are offering free driver qualification software, free fleet maintenance software, free hours of service software, and fuel tax software.   If you choose to have IFTA Plus generate your quarterly fuel tax return, you will only need to pay $25.  Whether you are an owner-operator, a small transportation company, or someone who manages multiple other companies, you will benefit from our years of proven experience and our industry leading value.

We are revolutionizing the transportation software industry.  Our engineers are hard at work right now to ensure IFTA Plus continues to be the best transportation software in the world.  Sign up for a free account, there is nothing to lose.

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Q2 2008 IFTA Filing Season Complete!

Hopefully everyone finished filing their second quarter 2008 IFTA fuel tax return.  This quarter saw a lot of milestones for us at IFTA Plus.

This quarter:

  • Saw our fourth consecutive 60+% increase in the number of overall returns generated.
  • Had nearly 70% of our filers from last quarter return this quarter.
  • Experienced our first server load issues due to high traffic.  Thanks to everyone who experienced a few hours downtime on the July 16th and to our engineers who put in tons making our infrastructure better than ever.
  • Completed digital conversion of every state except for Idaho and Nebraska.

We talked with over 40 companies who called to say thanks, or to ask for help.  From these conversations, we got alot of great ideas for next quarter.  We don’t want to completely expose all of our plans, but rest assured after taking the afternoon off, Monday starts another 2.5 months of hard development to make sure your next quarter fuel tax filing will be easier, faster and cheaper than ever.

Thank you all for your new and continued business.  Drive safe and we’ll see you next quarter.

Stuart Ludlow, Chief Software Architect – IFTA Plus

P.S.  If you didn’t file on time, if’s never too late.  You can still file late through IFTA Plus, but you’ll have to pay IFTA a penalty.

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