‘Holmes on Homes’ on ‘The Home Depot’ on transportation software

July 2, 2008 at 2:38 pm 1 comment

If you haven’t seen the show Holmes on Homes, you need to.  The show superhero is Mike Holmes a unique man-mixture resembling 1/2 master contractor and 1/2 Alaskan bear hunter.  Mike Holmes fixed the mess other professional contractors have left behind.   “I’ve been fixing a lot of sloppy, lazy and dangerous work for the past two decades,” says Holmes.

During the show airs a commercial for The Home Depot.  Makes sense, right?  You are watching a remodeling show and The Home Depot is a home building supply provider.  However, the commercial showed a happy do-it-yourself couple working on  their first time tiling project. What a contrast!  A show following Mike Holmes, professional extraordinaire, and a commercial showing Joe and Susie DIY Homeowner.  The two couldn’t be more different.  The Home Depot is the place where Mike Holmes could buy all his material, but The Home Depot choose to focus their services towards the everyday, small, independent home owner.

Transportation software tools historically are also sloppy, lazy, and dangerous, if you consider getting audit fines dangerous.  I am consistently amazed at the poor quality and user experience of most transportation tools.  Look at the terrible design of websites like www.wolfbyte.com/fueltax.htm, www.promiles.com or www.myfleettools.com and then compare them to the clean simplicity of www.iftaplus.com.  A website is often an indicator of the software the company produces.  Cluttered website = cluttered tools.  Clean website = easy tools.

There are some transportation software companies that can call themselves the Mike Homes of the industry.  The Big Guys like McLeod, Prophesy, JJ Keller provide great tools, but there are so many features and their tools are so complicated that few companies will ever pay thousands of dollars for the software.  Others, like AgilCor’s IFTAPlus are like The Home Depot of the transportation software industry.  IFTA Plus is capable of handling the same customers that use The Big Guys, but prefer to cater to the small, independent owner-operator, and all for only $25.  If you are a small transportation company, we want you as a customer.  You are our sweet spot.

IFTA Plus is clean, easy to use, and perfectly catered towards small to mid-size transportation companies.  Bob Vila, eat your heart out.

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  • 1. Scott  |  July 2, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    While I don’t quite get the Home Depot tie-in, I can tell you I have used several different tax filings programs over the years and yours is the easiest, cleanest and cheapest…

    Oh and when I called for support, someone actually picked up to answer.


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